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AurumDust was founded in 2016 and our first project is become Ash of Gods. Our team is very small and even these few people see each other quite rarely because their work is mostly remote. But we're tightly cemented by the common business which gives us a pleasing sense of solidarity and communion. Also, we share a common love for video games and wish to make the world a better place. Yes, it's a cliche - but we really think that good games make the surrounding reality a little bit more of a pleasant place. Just like good movies, books, music, comics, art, graffiti, and other kinds of art are doing it. Most of us have known each other for long but we've all come together just so we can work on Ash of Gods.


The first stone in the history of our first project was laid in 2007 - it was the math of the combat system - hybrid of tactical RPGs and card games, and a big part of the story. Active stage of development was started in 2016, a prototype of the battle system was created in April 2016.