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Constellation Distantia coming soon to Steam PC and VR

Constellation Distantia

Constellation Distantia


Created by Skånerbotten Ltd, Constellation Distantia is a story driven sci-fi adventure packed with action and strategy game elements. The game world consists of 40 predefined star systems holding hundreds of planets and moons to explore.

Two vessels in your command: a massive nuclear mining ship capable of star travel, and a smaller exploration vessel ready for service. Mine planetoids and asteroids for resources with precision, or choose complete annihilation by nuking them to Kingdom Come. Defend your ships and complete different types of missions to reach faraway stars, and figure out the haunting truth about Constellation Distantia.


  • Professionally written story (200+ pages)
  • Around 50 handcrafted missions with more than hundred illustrated cutscenes keeps the gameplay interesting for hours to come
  • Unique star systems presenting celestial objects of all sorts from rocky asteroids and icy moons to life-containing planets with cities
  • Polished core mechanics: combat, trading, easy to grasp crafting, free flying, resource management and mining
  • Several different types of mining from asteroid splitting to planet-scale thermonuclear detonations which literally vaporize a complete planetary crust to oblivion

 Constellation Distantia Teaser Trailer


Release Date Feb 28th 2017

  • PC and VR in Steam (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive)

For the latest news and updates please visit constellationdistantia.com

Constellation Distantia on Steam for PC and VR.

Constellation Distantia is the premier release from Skånerbotten, a family owned game development company established in 2015.

For more information, Steam keys and other requests:

Valtteri Pihlajamäki, CEO, Skånerbotten Ltd.
+358-40-7273880 / online contact form
Office: Seurapuistikko 6 A 1, 61300 Kurikka, Finland

PR contact: press@skanerbotten.com
Business inquiries: contact@skanerbotten.com
Support: support@skanerbotten.com


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