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Hex4line – The mathematical Connect 4 puzzle game by developer Six Pixels Under

Hex4line Android Logo

Six Pixels Under Games has announced its first indie game 

Hex4line for Android smartphones and tablets.


Hex4line is a fun mathematical Connect 4 puzzle game
 The goal is to connect a line of four vertically, or diagonally hexagons.
Through mathematical operations performed on your dice, before your opponents.
Excellent for testing and developing your mathematical skills.
Play against up to 3 friends or try to beat our well-trained virtual players and see your improvements game by game.


  •  Up to four players


  • Player vs. computer


  • Sounds and vibration


  •  Designed for both Tablet and Smartphones


  •  Multi-language


  • War mode, where you can steal opponent hexagons


  •  Two game boards


  •  Colorblind mode

Possible side effects


  • Having fun while learning.


  •  May develop extraordinary mathematical skills.






User reviews

Raj Fatehpuriya 17 February 2017
“Lovely application nice idea”
Angelo Matos 29 January 2017
 “Great game and original idea. Good graphics and simple to play. I think the controls are to small for me.”

Tiago Ribeiro 27 January 2017

“It’s a great game to pass time and burn some neurons! Great to push your math skills to the next level! And with some nice yet irritating and frustrating virtual players! :D”

Developer contact details

Name: Tiago Ribeiro

Email: 6pxunder@gmail.com
Facebook Fan Page
Download now at the Google Play Store


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