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Skullstone – The dark dungeon crawler game inspired by classic titles such as Dungeon Master and Stonekeep.



Classic Dungeon Crawler RPG genre returns!

Inspired by Dungeon Master and Stonekeep – Skullstone will entertain you for hours.

Impressive artistic direction, music you will listen to even when not playing the game, vast levels, full of challenging enemies and hidden treasures.

Twenty pre-made characters waiting to be picked for the team and exploration of rooms and corridors whose layouts can be used to your advantage during fights with all the scary beasts prepared for your arrival.


The people of Deepkar send for help.

Evil creatures spew from the ancient structure – Skullstone – which appeared in the forests.

Killing men, snatching women and children – they bring terror to the hearts of good people.

Heroes are needed to deal with the growing threat once and for all… But the reality is, there are no heroes in this world.

All of those who came here to aid people of the Deepkar village in their struggle won’t do it for just a few words of appreciation.

Money and treasures are what they want. And fame for some of them. They are mercenaries and this is yet another great opportunity to earn a coin.

Choose among 20 characters, each with a different set of skills and abilities, ready to fulfil different roles in your party. Healers, offensive and defensive magicians, front-row fighters – you name it.

Build your team according to your play style.

Lead your team and help bring safety to the village of Deepkar becoming rich and famous in the process!

What creatures are you gonna fight against? Monsters you have never seen before created entirely by our talented artists. Some of them simply ugly and dangerous, others – twisted evil beings waiting for you in the darkness. Capable of attacking at range, cursing and slowing you down – monsters dwelling in the Skullstone offer an entirely new level of challenge.

Explore vast underground levels, see a number of different, unique visual dungeon styles. Find hidden rooms, treasures – monsters even – just for you to find.

And also, there’s the town. Go there to give your team a break from fighting monsters, talk to NPCs, complete quests, claim rewards, and learn more about the game’s lore.

Wherever the team goes, its movement is accompanied by an impressive ambient and dungeon synth music you will listen to even after playing the game!


Exploration combined with survival is among main gameplay elements. The dungeon is filled with secret rooms, switches, various puzzles and riddles, notes, and ancient books (filled with tips and helpful information).

Finding a powerful weapon, piece of armour or an artefact (to use in a fight or quest) will not be uncommon as well. And you have to find food to fight growing hunger and which might be used in formulas to create potions.

During short brakes from discovering secrets of the underground world, players will visit the town above the dungeon to resupply, revive unconscious members, talk to important NPCs, and, most importantly, receive quests.

Apart from you main mission, a number of side-quests will be available as well.



While the core of the game is completed, right now we’re still working on few other gameplay elements:

  • underground environments and object found in the dungeon
  • quests and puzzles
  • GUI
  • magical effects
  • increasing number of monsters, weapons, equipment and other models
  • party members’ commentaries to various events


Players often dream of making their own games, not many actually seriously attempt making one. Here at Black Torch Studio, we are making just that – our game, first serious project for all of us.

And development is going great so far, we’ve reached the last straight. Filling the game with assets is all that’s left now, but how did we get to this moment?

It all started when Kamil ‘FrozenShade’ Siara decided to start realising his old fantasies. Already being a successful programmer, he created a satirical browser game.

A simple project to get some early experience. It wasn’t enough to satisfy him and he soon decided to create something more, something demanding.

After a talented artist – Łukasz Szulik – was found, together they decided what their first serious game will be, the name Skullstone was born.

Soon after, when they already had something to show, additional artists joined the team and development accelerated. And here we are now.

It’s a bumpy road and tough moments happen occasionally, but so far working on the game is great fun for all of us.

We are on a quest to bring our dreams and ideas to life and the result of our work will be released next year.

Are you eager to accompany us on our way?


Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Polish
Players: Single-player



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